Soft Tech’s vision is to maintain a strong focus on our employees and customers while delivering continuous, quality customer support. We achieve our vision by treating each and every one of our employees and partners with integrity and respect, inspiring passion and dedication, empowering our team to provide the highest levels of service, and strengthening our role as a trusted government technology provider. By championing leadership and innovation, we lead by serving others.

Soft Tech’s mission is to help government organizations design, implement, and maintain mission critical information technology solutions. We accomplish this mission by cultivating enduring relationships, embracing innovative methodologies and technologies, successfully executing contracts, and delivering innovative, cost-effective, IT solutions.

Soft Tech has deep and sincere respect for its team, its partners, and its principles. We champion values that inform and inspire our people and distinguish us as a company. The core pillars of our values are:

Every Soft Tech employee is held to a high standard of honesty and trustworthiness. Our President, Christine Do, leads by example as she runs her business according to the basic principles of respect and forthrightness.

Creativity and passion—coupled with superior technical experience and knowledge—inspires our teams to provide innovative solutions to our clients while remaining on schedule and within budget.

The passion our staff has for its work drives our teams to go above and beyond—exceeding requirements, delivering superior technical products, and surpassing customer expectations.

We take great pride in providing our customers with quality services that help them achieve their mission. We strive for excellence and are proud of our constant growth and our strong partnerships.

softtech_techincalexpertise_600px_stci_aquaTECHNICAL EXPERTISE 
With years of experience, training, certifications, and education, our professional and technical staff represents a cadre of experts committed to providing the highest level of service to our customers.

Our highly qualified, driven professionals work collegially together as a strong, synergistic team. Our growth, reputation, and successes are the result of continually curating a staff of exceptional expertise, character, and comity.

The way we conduct ourselves day-to-day—with each other, our customers, employees, and partners—is the foundation of Soft Tech’s reputation as an ethical company. Our authentic reputation is proof that our employees and customers rely on us and trust what we say. Soft Tech is committed to upholding the highest levels of business ethics and integrity. We adhere to and implement actions and policies that comply with industry regulations.