Digital Services

Soft Tech has built a solid reputation for providing certified professional and technical staff with a passion to solve problems and satisfy customers. Our teams use proven methodologies and cutting edge technologies to tailor solutions to fit our customers’ needs. While the scope and focus of our work evolves to meet client objectives, the quality never falters.

Soft Tech provides thought leadership for Agile and DevOps innovation and implementation, partners with customers to build and maintain complex applications, and helps mature clients achieve the next level competencies. Our Agile DevOps team approach is simple, but effective:
• We engage end users, transforming them into part of our delivery team
• We schedule innovation time
• We measure success by the value of functionality delivered to production
• We leverage tested tools and frameworks—maximizing maintainability, scalability, and usability
• We enable our talent to grow and flourish
• We encourage full-stack engineering and DevOps

Our team provides ongoing production client support while adhering to Agile methodologies and values of iterative development, collaboration, and adaptability. As a result,  users realize value earlier in the process, provide feedback more quickly, and acquire first-hand knowledge of the product. Soft Tech’s development teams:
• Prioritize and strategize releases
• Use Kanban, Scrum, SAFe, Microservices, Test-Driven Development and Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery
• Plan and execute sprint cycles, reviews, and retrospectives
• Conduct demos, beta tests, and pilots with real users

Our integrated DevOps approach brings operations and development engineers together throughout the systems development lifecycle. As a result, operations teams gain a solid understanding of both the overall solutions and the individual components, while development teams, brought into contact with day-to-day software operations, benefit from daily customer interaction—creating a powerful feedback loop. Integrating Soft Tech development teams with operations teams results in savings, mitigated risk, and shorter time-to-resolution.

Soft Tech’s technical capabilities, expertise, and resources help federal government organizations modernize legacy IT and communications infrastructure, explore “at the ready” accessibility solutions, perform critical system upgrades, and implement innovative cloud technologies. We expertly manage our clients’ enterprise landscapes, and provide infrastructure support while balancing privacy, security, and cost. Our capabilities include integrating new technologies into existing infrastructure, streamlining and enhancing processes, maintaining outstanding customer satisfaction, and complying with regulatory and compliance organizations.

Cloud and virtualization are the key to better infrastructure. Soft Tech’s experience with wide-ranging federal environments has given us a successful track record of cloud migrations, data center consolidations, and innovative approaches to  IT and computing accounting needs, which decrease costs and increase effectiveness.

Soft Tech has extensive experience and expertise managing a broad array of internal and external communication networks. Our team is adept at providing network operations within data center environments, including managing devices, messaging, directory services, security, and disaster recovery.

Soft Tech provides expertise across the entire information technology service management lifecycle, supporting government agencies along their path to adopting ITSM. Our team of trained and certified ITSM practitioners specializes in the service lifecycle of strategy, design, transition, and operations. Soft Tech solves complex service management integration challenges, facilitates integrated service management tool selection, configuration, and adoption, and assists with business and IT process reengineering, process management, and ITSM practitioner roles. We continually optimize and improve ITSM practices and processes through best-practice frameworks such as ITIL(c), COBIT5, MSI/SIAM(c), and ISO/IEC 20000-1:2011.

Soft Tech has real-world experience in engineering ITSM processes that satisfy complex government initiatives and mandates, including the controls of the DoD Risk Management Framework, Federal Data Center Consolidation, Federal Information Security Management Act of 2002 (FISMA), OMB’s Federal IT Shared Services and Federal Enterprise Architecture, and DoD’s Joint Information Environment, Defense Business System Management portfolio process, and Defense Service Management Framework.